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Dad harmed his children with just tobacco vapor in his mouth
February 11 2019, 10:22 AM
Parents should pay attention to this point.

Ms. Minh Tuyet had to bring her son to an emergency hospital in a state of panic and danger! When recalling, the young mother was still dazed because in just one day, from the long, deep coughs, her child quickly suffered from asthma, difficulty breathing, and even hissed in the lungs.

When examining the baby, the doctor must also say: “For a child with poor resistance, having suffered from bronchiolitis like her son, the smoke is the most terrible cause. So why does the family still let them live in such an environment?”

Tuyet heard the doctor conclude that the cause of crying immediately, it is clear that her husband and father-in-law often smoke in her house. But she mistakenly believed that this was not harmful because her son rarely contacted with cigarette smoke, everyone stayed away from her and went out to smoke.

However, the doctor’s statement made her dumbfounded: “The smokers inhaled the vapors into their lungs, smoke rose and melted, which we still see.

Concentrated steam drops out through the breath of smokers, so when they “smell” or kiss the cheek of children is extremely dangerous. Children who absorb passive vapor / smoke have a much higher risk of lung disease than smokers. ”

Scary diseases produced by inhaling tobacco smoke!

Although people are non-smokers, people living around are often “chimneys”, we also face many health risks caused by cigarettes, especially for small children:

May cause lung cancer: Inhalation of cigarette smoke is a cause of lung cancer. If we live with people who smoke or are constantly exposed to tobacco smoke, try to prevent or limit exposure to tobacco smoke.

Causes of respiratory disease and dyspnea: People who do not smoke but smell smoke also often have respiratory problems. Smoke can irritate and aggravate asthma, allergy, deep cough symptoms and cause shortness of breath, wheezing.

Increased risk of heart attack: Cigarette smoke has also been shown to cause stroke and heart disease. Regular contact with cigarette smoke harms your heart and blood vessels, so try to stay away from smokers.

Early disease and death: Some chemicals in tobacco such as vinyl chloride, formaldehyde, arsenic ammonia, and hydrogen cyanide … are extremely toxic. Exposure to cigarette smoke causes illness and premature death not only in children but adults.

Passive smoking is dangerous for children: Children are still building and strengthening the immune system, so children’s immune systems cannot be as strong as adults. Some of the side effects that can occur in children who have passive smoking include: asthma, slow lung growth, ear infections, bronchitis, wheezing, cough, colds and pneumonia.

Risk of sudden death syndrome in babies: Cigarette smoke is extremely dangerous for babies and young children because it puts them at risk of sudden death. If there are small babies, protect them from cigarette smoke.

Conclusion: Cigarette smoking is a very bad and unhealthy habit, but cigarette smoke also affects people who breathe smoke, especially with children. Which parents are in this habit, please give up now!

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