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Cyclist taken out by falling lamp post
October 09 2018, 9:06 AM
A vehicle is transporting steel pipes knocking over the lamp post by accident. It then falls on the cyclist.

The video was captured in Huizhou, Guangdong Province on April 8. The man, apparently not badly injured, then tries to pull the driver of the vehicle that knocked over the lamp post out of the driver’s seat.

The tricycle carries a long steel pipes is traveling on a road.  The vehicle apparently does not meet the legislation as the huge object he carries has no protection around it and it might hurt other people.

When the driver of the tricycle is taking a left, the steel hit harshly on the street light and accidently, the street light fell into a nearby cyclist.

The driver of the tricycle tries to run away as he doesn’t want to take responsible for his action but the victim has caught him red handed.

It is unclear what happens after the incident but for sure the tricycle driver may be taken to the police

After the video was posted on social networking sites, online users has criticized the tricycle driver for his action

Haio laing commented: “You should never hit someone and run, what it they got hurt badly and no one else is around to help?”

Dong Luong added: “I’ve always been afraid of reckless driver like that. He should pay a high fine so that he could think about it the next time he carries huge object like that on the road!”

Accident like this happened quite a lot. This lady accidently knocked a young man off his motorbike while she’s carrying a long steel pipe.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho chở đồ cồng kềnh một cô làm anh lái xe ngã quay


People should be more aware of what they carry with them, if it too long, then you should figure some way out, don’t try too hard or else others may suffer the consequence!

Source: Newsflare

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