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Cute deer has the “thickest face” in Colorado when succeeding in asking for candy, she takes her whole family to ask for more
November 09 2018, 10:19 AM
This "thick face" deer has been widely shared online by netizens  with many lovely and funny comments.

In Colorado, a state located in the west of central America, the staff of a store shared an adorable moment when a deer got into her store. What made this deer special is that after being given a bar of chocolate from the good girl, the did not hesitate to take its children back to ask for more..

The deer got into the store without any fear(Image source: Nydailynews)

According to Lori Jones, who recorded these funny pictures, she was absolutely surprised to see a deer strolling in the store and approaching the confectionery and glasses without any fear. She told, “I took a candy to lure the deer out.” The deer obeyed her but this was not her last meeting with this special deer. She continued: “When I was in storage and checked the inventory, the deer came back and brought along its three children. When I stepped out of the store I was really surprised at them. After that, a group of other deer continued to walk slowly into my store and offered for candy.”

The deer came back with its family (Image source: Nydailynews)

The deer and its family continued to ask for more chocolate.(Image source: Nydailynews)

This cute deer made many people enjoy and compliment when thinking about how people in Colorado in particular and the United States in general treat wild animals and their conservation efforts of this country.

Image source: Nydailynews

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