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Cut the onions into 3 pieces and put them on the end of the bed, the miracle happens the next morning
February 08 2019, 6:42 AM
A woman who cut the big onion into three and put it at the end of the bed, the results made people admire, according to healthadvisorgroup.

Most mattresses are now manufactured with chemicals, plastics, air bubbles and flame retardants. In the US, a mattress of a big brand when put into the laboratory has produced 61 volatile organic compounds and 4 carcinogens. It is made from petroleum chemicals, from air bubbles to viscous foams.

On the surface of the mattress, manufacturers usually spread a thin sheet of silicon material to create a softness. In addition, there are polyols, flame retardants, TDI, dyes and pigments. According to a newspaper in the field of toxic chemical research, these toxic chemicals can evaporate and we breathe (absorb) them every day.


For some inexpensive or low-quality mattresses, chemicals are often exposed on the mattress surface. So every night we have to absorb the toxins.

Chemical toxic ingredients can cause neurological weakness as well as immune system, causing damage to soft tissues, causing autoimmune disorders, arthritis, injury to internal organs … Toxic chemicals This can be completely eliminated almost as much as the tubers are available in your kitchen.

If your family uses thick blankets or uses non-organic mattresses, you can use onions as an extremely effective natural detoxifying material. 1 onion will help pull the toxic chemicals out of the air but the price is “cheap”.



Many scientists have used onions in research to reduce industrial waste. They found that onions absorb about 70% of the toxins – including cadmium, arsenic, lead and mercury.


For mattresses or blankets, use the following tip to detoxify the whole family:

You just need to prepare 1 big onion, cut onions into 3 pieces and place them under the bed, at the head or tail of the bed. Onions will help eliminate harmful chemicals emitted from mattresses, wood or other items in your room.

In addition, putting onions on the back of the bed is also a great preventative method for young children, especially coughs and flu. Do it today so your family always sleeps in a healthy environment, with no harmful chemicals.

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