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Current photos of young girl whose face was bitten by the rats: she is now like a hot girl
February 09 2019, 1:44 AM
Not long ago, due to the carelessness of the adults, the girl was bitten by the rats. However, overcoming difficulties, she now becomes a nurse with a beautiful face like a hot girl and has a new life.

A young girl from Shandong Province, China made many people surprised with the spectacular changes of her appearance. Besides, there are many readers who expressed their admiration for her spirit of overcoming difficulties and inferiority to become an excellent nurse of today.

Accordingly, this girl lost her mother at the age of two. Because her father worked far from her, she lived with her grandparents. When she was 3 years old, the girl suddenly cried out in one night while sleeping. When her grandparents went to check, they discovered that she was completely bitten by a group of rats. Due to family’s difficulties, the girl was not cured and had a deformed nose on her face.

During school time, she was often teased by her friends for not having a nose. When she started applying for a job, she wasn’t accepted by a series of companies because of her scary appearance. Later, her father took her to a sanatorium so that she could work as a community worker to help patients.

Thanks to this job, many charities have learned about her case and offered to help her. Owing to the money from more than 20 companies, the girl was able to re-operate her deformed nose. Luck continued coming when she was admitted to a medical college in the city. Currently, the girl becomes a beautiful nurse and helps many patients having difficulties.

Source: fun01

Vu Tam


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