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Current life of 2-year-old “skeleton” boy who has made the whole world be obsessed
January 02 2019, 3:10 PM
The photo showing a woman held a bottle of water and gave a box of donuts to a dark-skinned thin boy took tears of millions.

In January 2016, a photo of a black 2-year-old Nigerian boy, who had only skin and bones, was  given a drink by a woman has widely shared on the social networks at this time.

Later, this boy was lucky to be rescued and adopted by a Danish rescue worker – Anja Ringgren Loven. The boy was named Hope, which meant hope and his life has turned into a whole new page. Before that, Hope was abandoned by his family for nearly 8 months, so he was severely malnourished and almost starved.

Anja recalled that when she met Hope for the first time, he was wearing no clothes, walking along the street and seemed unable to stand. Hope had to eat leftovers in the garbage bags on the road. Anja adopted Hope, gave him warm clothes to wear and took him to the hospital to take care of his health.

Since then, the miracle happened. He started gaining weight and became more active than before. Later, Hope was attended school with 35 other children at an orphanage run by Anja and her husband.

It was this noble act that helped Anja overcome both former US President Barack Obama to become the most inspiring person in the world in 2016. Anja made great efforts and sacrificed a lot to help the children abandoned in Nigeria and Hope boy is a typical case.

Nearly three years after being adopted, Hope is now a very fat, lovely and healthy 4-year-old boy. The boy is having a full and happy life with many other children at the shelter of Anja and her husband.

Not only is he well fed, but he is also able to go to school and happily play like many friends at the same age. According to the photos that Anja updates on social media, Hope is quite lively, likes to run and dance and play games with people.

Anja said: “Hope is like my son, another of my children. I love him so much that no words can be described.” Anja’s efforts and the Hope boy inspire and hope for millions of people around the world.

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Vu Tam


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