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The cry of 92-year-old woman who was confined in pigsty by her son and daughter-in-law
December 06 2018, 3:45 PM
There was only one chair, a single bed and an old thin blanket in the room that she was confined.

The labor of parents is that nothing can equal. there are those who pay for it by beating, confining. This incident happened in a countryside in China. It is known that her husband died early, she alone raised four children grow up. Despite the difficulties, she still tries to take care of the children. Imagine that when the old will be comforted, live happily with her children but she was not expected that she was mistreated  by her son

Her daughter goes away to marry, three sons will take turns to take care In recent times, she was taken care by the second son and his wife. However, noon on December 6, in the cold winter weather, people again caught her sitting in a old room without doors


The 93-year-old woman was locked in a piggery

The room was dirty, only a thin blanket to cover her body in the cold winter.

She was mistreated  by her son and daughter

The room that is dirty, damp, the front of the door has a trough look like pig trough. There was only one chair, a single bed and an old thin blanket. On top of that, she also added a worn-out coat and an old wool hat.  After be spotted, people quickly reported to the local police to rescue and take her to the nearest medical center for medical examination. Ms. Xiu said she did not see everything around her and she was very hungry.


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