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Cruelest mother in the world: Punish three kids by dragging them onto building ledge in hallucination
August 10 2018, 8:53 AM
They had been dragged onto the wet surface by a woman who appeared to be hallucinating at the time..

Delray Beach police officers responded to an emergency call Saturday. The caller claimed, there were a woman and children standing on a roof. The woman seemed unstable and they can fell every second.

She seemed unstably mental

When police got there, they found a hallucinating woman who was reported to be on drugs and two small children on the garage ledge on a townhouse. It turned out that she was “punishing” her kids on the drug’s high.

The young mother force her two babies outside the house as punishment

Immediately, one officer got under the window, ready to catch a child or the woman if necessary. The other police said. “Just get the kids back inside”.

The police eventually succeeded rescuring all of them

Two other officers went upstairs and out a window to the ledge and one grabbed the children’s arms while the other tried to persuade the woman. Eventually, they were able to rescue all of them.

The woman has been committed to a mental health facility under the Baker Act and might face criminal charges.

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