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The cruel story behind a luxurious mink coffee, do you want to drink it after reading this story?
January 02 2019, 10:28 AM
Mink coffe is considered as the most expensive coffe in the world with a price up to 80 USD/cup. However, there is an undeniable fact that this famous coffee is being made from feces and blood of mink.

In the food world, mink coffee or Kopi Luwal in Indonesian language is considered to be one ott the most luxury food items.

Most people are attracted by its taste and fat because the beans have been processed by the mink digestive system. Enzymes in the disgestive system of mink will change the protein structure of coffee and reomve some acids and make coffee become more pleasant.

Although the price of this drink has been declining since 2013, currently each kilogam of mink coffee still cost 200-400 USD and become a ”hot” product for tourist when coming to Indonesia, the greatest mink coffee production center in the world.

Due to trader’s marketing and propaganda techniques, the price of this coffee still increase extremely high that is considered as on of the most luxury food items. But is this coffee really good to drink? Experts said that The answer is unnecessary. Many companies are speculating on the topic of mink coffee and its price. Because it is difficult to produce great goods, the price us very high.

On the mink coffee farm, there are many weasels locked in narrow iron cages. They can only eat coffee for life, which leads to severe malnutrition. Some coffee producers have turned coffee farms into tourist attractions, allowing visitors to interact with mink.

With wild mink, eating coffee beans is only equivalent to ”snacking” and they are not in their main diet. However, they are forced to eat so many coffee beans and lose their nutrition imbalance. As a result, while the captive mink looks extremely skinny due to not being able to digest coffee, others are fat and even unable to move.

On the mink coffee farm, there are many minks that are locked in iron cages. They can only eat coffee the whole life which leads them to get serve malnutrition. Some producers have turned their coffee farm into tourist attrations and allow them to interact with minks.

Being locked in the extremely small environment can make minks hurted in the cage. Moreover, this make them have less chance to approach to fresh water. Thereofore, they will lose their natural survival in the wild life.

In 2016, Oxford University and the World Animal Protection Organization published a study to assess the habit of mink in Bali’s coffee plantations. It was found that farmers and coffee garden producers raise mostly mink in narrow areas. Small and dirty cages, and their habitats are very bad. Because of consuming too much caffeine, they will become very active and restless.

Sometimes, these minks fight each other and chew their leg and hand. Many others even get sick and lose their life because they can not stand such harsh living environment.

In addition, a controversial issue in the mink industry is product quality. This drink is considered as luxury one because these minks must choose the best coffee beans and then eat, while others which is locked in the cage must eat old coffee beans. As a result, the coffee quality is clearly not guaranteed.

There are many people over the world who have launched a campain to ”refuse to drink mink coffee”. Do not be deceived by those propaganda. The truth behind mink coffee is very cruel.



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