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Creepy tongue making many people freak out reveals horrifying truth behind
February 13 2019, 10:35 AM
This people's distinctive tongue unexpectedly revealed such a horrifying truth.

Health is always an important factor for people. Without health, we will not be able to do anything successfully. However, for many people, health care is only about improving diet, exercising sports, but not caring about strange expressions on their bodies.

Recently, a Taiwanese facebooker has made netizens panic when showing off his horror … tongue. For some reason, the tongue appeared deep and long grooves, making the person feel like the tongue was about to break into pieces.

The tongue is quite creepy, causing many people to feel goosebumps.

The young man – the owner of the tongue said that he dared not talk to the girls because of his unusual tongue. Therefore, he decided to share on social networks, hoping everyone could come up with solutions to improve his situation.

Many people believe that the guy had a geographic tongue. This is a benign disease common in patients with atopic dermatitis, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, psoriasis but can also be seen in normal people. The disease may appear from a few years old and persist for many years.

The symptoms of this disease is on the surface of the tongue, there are cracks, rough tongue, the spines of falling spines, the tongue looks like a map.

This young girl also has a similar tongue but the condition is less severe.

But since it was a rare case, most of the comments advised him to go to the doctor immediately. In addition, some suggested that the guy should change his working timetable, adding nutritional supplements, vitamins to “save” his tongue from the tragedy.

Geographic tongue occurs when parts of the tongue are missing layers of small bumps called papillae. They normally cover the entire upper layer of your tongue. Why do you lose these papillae with geographic tongue? Nobody knows for sure. However, because geographic tongue tends to run in families, genetics may be a common link.

Source: tinfast

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