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So creative: the guy puts a coconut leaf trumpet into the motorcycle exhaust pipe and the surprising result after starting engine
August 21 2018, 10:25 AM
The creativity and intelligence of this guy makes many people want to imitate.

You will be come back to childhood thanks to the owner of this coconut leaf trumpet.

The guy puts the coconut leaf trumpet into the exhaust pipe of his motorcycle

In the video, after finishing making a coconut leaf trumpet, the guy puts it into the exhaust pipe of his motorcycle. When the engine is started, his motorbike has no longer monotonous sounds. Instead, there will be a unique combination with the sounds of the trumpet, which creates amazing and lovely sounds.

The motorbike has amazing and lovely sounds after being started

After being shared on the social networks, the guy gained a lot of attention and compliments for his creativity and intelligence from the netizens. Hopefully, this small gift from the guy will remind you of your childhood which is an important part in the life.

Watch video: 

Vu Tam



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