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A ‘CRAZY’ elephant is about to attack a couple, when the tour guide calmly raises his hand, magical thing happends
July 06 2018, 4:22 PM
Elephants are quiet wild if not being tamed, in particular cases, they even attack people. However, with experiences, this guider actually tackled the problem perfectly.


Watching video: 

Brett Larsen – 50 years old, a real estate developer together with his wife – a Chinese – American artist had a trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa on the occasion of their honeymoon.

Going with them to explore the park is two tour guides – Dean Oellofse and Phanny Risimati. After having walked for 90 minutes, an elephant with aggressive look approached them and seemed to have tendency to attack them.

The ‘insane’ elephant was approaching the visitors 

Dean bravely raised his hand to send signal to the animal

The elephant suddenly stepped back after being signaled

All were being threatened and in danger of a completely wild animal. Surprisingly, Dean calmly raised his hand and bravely shout loud to draw the elephant’s intention.

After that, this animal started having signs of stepping back.

Brett shared: “What really impressed me is that Dean did not use his gun as a way of threatening the elephant and he was not even scared when facing with such a fierce animal like this.”

Brett remembered that moment when Dean told everyone not to move no matter what happends, Dean said that he could totally deal with this situation. However, everyone was really scared.

Brett posted this clip on his social network’s account, he said: “This is a bright example of braveness and, of course, experience.”

“This must be the most unforgettable memory I have ever had” He added.

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