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A crazy dog plugged their teeth into the bike, the crowd had to cut the tyre to save the bike
July 25 2018, 2:32 PM
The crowd cut the tyre to help a dog who stuck his teeth into the bike.

The clip captured a pitbull dog who bite a bike tyre for unknow reason . Although everyone tried to pull the dog out, they all failed.

Do not understand why this dog stuck to the bike tyre!

This man is trying to help the dog out!

The dog seems very panic!

They tried many ways……

But all ways are useless!

Finally they decided to cut the tyre to rescue the dog

The crowd tried to use many ways to remove but useless should be used the last way is to use a knife to cut the tire can save the car from the crazy dog.

The reason why a dog chases a bike varies from dog to dog and how they react once you stop also varies. Some act out aggressively, lunging and barking. Some would actually bite a person on a bike if they could. Other dogs pull frantically at the leash while trying to chase or flee.

Watching video:

Phuong Thao

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