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The cow has been raised for 2 years and gave birth to calf, when seeing the calf, the owner was so scared
January 09 2019, 8:56 AM
Everyone thought that it was a monster until they knew the reasons.

This strange calf is found in a Brazilian countryside. The animal has two heads, each with a pair of eyes, ears, nostrils and mouths, but the same body have only four legs and one tail.

The calf are born normally, weighs about 5 kilograms and about seven months old, especially without feathers like other animals.

The first farmer who saw the animal was shocked even though it was not the first time it give birth to a calf. He shared that he had never seen this in his life.

News about the animal spread quickly around town and many people came to see it. It made everyone surprised by the strange appearance. Many superstitious people think that this is a bad luck for the family.

Aluisio Cancio – the owner of the cow decided to sell the animal because it was too old. She did not know that she was pregnant. Simone Vieira Castro, Brazilian veterinarian, explained to the villagers that the cow was pregnant with twins but had a deformity. This is a very rare case in the world.

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