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Covering by the blanket to irrigate alcohol, burning fire on the body of the girl and getting the unexpected result
November 08 2018, 9:28 AM
For the beauty of sisters, using fire to burn fat, just look at it all make people stunned.

Beauty for women is an indispensable need and it is also very important for them to be more confident every appearance. To meet the needs of the sisters, there are many methods of beauty which are created to make women satisfied. And one of the things that women always care about is the shape, the phrase “unified, skin” as to show the importance of the body to the woman.

There are many ways to help women have a slim body as desired from the manual as eating and exercise to the use of technology such as liposuction or fat burning.

The video of the women’s fat burning technique at a spa makes a lot of sense. At this beauty facility they use a method of burning fat from alcohol. Customers will be asked to remain motionless and covered with a series of cotton towels on the whole body.

After the preparation is done, the staff will use alcohol from the area where customers want to burn fat and start to fire. As soon as the meteorite fire is very fast and fire burns on the area poured alcohol . When the time is up, staff will use a wet cotton pad over the fire to extinguish it and continue to perform process-like steps. Watching the fire burning wildly above the towel over the body of the customer makes netizens feel very scared.

Watch video:

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Hai Linh

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