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The coutryside girl makes sofa from bamboo that makes men admire!
September 27 2018, 4:15 PM
The video shows a Chinese countryside girl making bamboo sofa!

Li Tzu girl from Sichuan, China famous for cooking videos, dyed fabric, fishing received a lot of praise of netizens. From her videos people can feel the elegance of the countryside. Being multi-talented and skillful is what makes her received the love of many people. Today, let’s look at how to create a bamboo sofas and beautiful below.

She said: “Last week found a sofa that was made by my grandfather , so he decied made a bamboo sofa.”Cutting down wood to take a big bundle home was the work of a man, but She could do it all.

The use of skillful tools of her is really admirable …

Living in peaceful scenery, the countryside girl still cut down the bamboo

…and started to design a sofa.

The girl is still making bamboo sofa.The girl can share tea with her grandmother after making the bamboo sofa!

Both the soul, the strength and the mind of the girl are placed in the hands to do the chair, like a professional worker is building himself dream home. The girl is still making bamboo sofa. Finally, after a lot of hard work, sofa was completed. At this time, the girl can share tea with her grandmother.

Leaving urban life to return to a peaceful countryside … Ms. Li really bring back childhood to many childhood memories.

Watch video:

Source: Li Tzu 

Phuong Thao

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