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The couple rented a hotel room all week without going out the door, the owner acted as a delivery worker, after opening the door, she was trembled and called the police
January 29 2019, 8:32 AM
When seeing the image in a high-class hotel room, many people were startled.

A couple came to rent a high-class hotel room. However, a strange thing is that during 7 days of renting the room, the couple did not step out the door. Feeling something unusual, the hotel owner pretended to be a delivery worker and knocked on the door of the room.

But when she had just opened the door, she had to witness a horrifying scene when the beautiful room had been turned into a landfill. Too annoyed with the incident, she shared the incident on her personal page.

When opening the hotel room, witnessing the horrifying scene of the owner was extremely shocked.

Everywhere in the room, no place is clean enough. On the dining table, throwing away leftover food and rubbish that had been stored for a long time, many of the household items were destroyed, throwing them around like any other landfill.

The hotel owner immediately called the police. The scene in the house made the functional force stunned. They assumed that the scene of a theft could not be so messy and dirty like that.

The young couple is punished by the hotel owner.

Estimated losses that the hotel owner suffered up to about $4000. The amount of room rent certainly cannot compensate for the material and mental losses they are facing. They could not think of their guests turning the hotel into a huge landfill.

After that, the young couple also explained that they are currently in their final year of college. Because the hotel is full of facilities, wifi and modern equipment, the couple decided to rent a room to make the final project. Because the time was so urgent, they couldn’t go out and clean the room.

After sharing these images on social networks, many people expressed their discontent and annoyance for the other two poor hotel owners. Netizens criticize the student couple whose educational level is not coupled with awareness; study up for what while being so poorly aware.

Source: blogtamsu

Thuy Linh

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