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Couple care-freely “does this” in the fast food store, making netizens angry
January 22 2019, 3:28 PM
This carefree couple publicly showed their love, which made many people uncomfortable.

Nowadays, not few young couples choose to show off how they love each other public places, which makes others feel uncomfortable and annoyed. Recently, a young couple received great attention from netizens when doing this in a fast food store.

According to the clip, the couple casually embraced and kissed each other at the dining hall of a convenience store. Not only that, the two seemed to stick together and have “sensitive actions” although there were many other customers surrounding and the fast-food room here had a camera system.

The couple’s actions made the surrounding guests extremely uncomfortable. They recorded the couple and posted on social networks to reflect the young couple’s consciousness.

Many netizens said that it was not wrong to show love or affection, but it should be done in the appropriate places at the right time. However, people shouldn’t do that in public places because this shows our disrespect and disturbs people around.

Watch video:

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Vu Tam

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