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The couple was arrested after forcing a dog to eat his OWN FOOT to live
December 07 2018, 3:45 PM
An animal shelter in South Carolina has rescued a dog that had to eat one of his own feet to live.

The poor dog named Luke was rescued last week, after an email reported his conditionat a Ware Shoals home where several dogs lived.

‘Animal Control came out to a home where several dogs lived outside. Two were fine but Luke, the Great Dane had been so starved that he had eaten his foot off to survive. It appeared he had been this way for almost two weeks.’

Luke was in bad condition. 32-year-old Jessica James and 38-year-old Skylar Craft, the owners of the dog, are charged with ill treatment of animals. A Ware Shoals police report says officers were told last month about a ‘very skinny’ Great Dane missing over half his back right leg.


Officers were also told by James and Craft that they had tried to treat the injury at home being unable to pay veterinary bills.

The two people at the home allegedly gave contradictory stories regarding the length of time the Great Dane was kept chained up and to the duration of his injury.

The 6-year-old dog had no food or water nearby, according to police.

According to the most recent post by the animal rescue, the emaciated animal, who only weighed 70 pounds when he was brought in, is far from well.

The poor dog

 Luke’s life is still in danger of losing his life and that the surgery will have to wait several days.

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