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Cooking “disaster” turn this delicious sausage into this, anyone looking at it wants to “vomit”
December 08 2018, 11:04 AM
Delicious sausage has been distorted, causing many people to be frightened and not want to eat sausage anymore.

Sausages are the most popular dish for children. To get a delicious sausage dish, the chef must fry them subtly to not be crushed or lose the outer layer, reducing the aesthetic appearance of the sausage. There are many “disaster” when frying sausages, mainly due to the lack of skill that makes netizens frighten after looking at the result.

Recently, a girl shared photos of a sausage plate from a friend on Facebook. The girl said that she was hungry then surfed New Feed and caught her friend’s fried “sausage”.

According to this girl, although she is starving herself, but after watching this fried sausage, she no longer wants to eat anymore. “You should see this, I do not mean anything, I just feel it so funny.”

By looking at the attached photo, the sausage is peeled off, the image of the sausage looks scary and makes people think of something that is not clean. Someone just came to see the thought of sweet potatoes, but I did not expect it was fried sausage.

“Looks like it makes me think … But do not say it’s too hygienic .. This is because the shells are too thin, so she fries them for too long time. Eating is okay, but if she means to invite someone to eat these, I’m afraid they will vomit after looking at “, one commenter said.

Another person commented, “I want to hide this photo forever, I’m about to eat breakfast, I feel scared of this picture, next time please try to learn how to fry this properly. If the outer layer of the sausage is too thin, you shouldn’t fry them for a long time” 

When frying sausage should pay attention to increase the temperature, stirring evenly until the sausage is cooked.

If frying too strong or sausage repeatedly will cause the sausage to fall out, looks ugly and easy to burn. You should not touch the sausage when turning it upside-down to avoid making the sausage dry.

Source: emdep

Hoang Ngan


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