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How to cook steak tartare – a traditional food from France
August 07 2018, 5:07 PM
Hope this golden recipe will be helpful in varying your steak foods.

Steak Tartare is a dish from Central Asia but it’s very popular in European countries. Bascally, Steak tartare is raw beef, minced and then mixed with alcohol or lemon juice and other spices and raw egg  yolks.

They used to eat this food with bread, vegetables. In German and Denmark, they even eat with potato chips.

Ingredients that should not be missed from your dish 


– 600g fresh beef

– 2 small onions

– 2 teaspoons of wasabi

– 4 egg yolks

– 4 spoons of olive oil

– 4 scoops of green onion, with ‘persil’ leaf

– 1 spoon of lemon juice

– 2 spoons of Cognac ( or Whiskey or any strong alcohol )

– Tabasco pepper ( real hot chilli )

– salt, pepper

Eating with bread is a very good choice

It’s time to show off your cooking talent !

– Prepare a bowl of mixture of wasabi and lemon juice, alcohol, olive oil and 4 drops of tabasco pepper or chilli sauce. Add salt, pepper and then blend them evenly.

– Next, mix your minced beef with green onion together until well blended. Pour previously prepared sauce into the bowl of beef, mix evenly again.

– Decorate skillfully your food in plates. Have more colors by adding tomatoes or mint leaves. Egg yolk is put in the middle above the meat.

– When eating, mix egg yolk with beef. You can use with bread or potato chips or salad.

Most importantly, you can be create new taste by alter or add more spicies, it’s up to your cooking mind !

Enjoy ! And watch the video for the basic tutorial: 

Ngoc Anh

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