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How to cook a potato three ways ?
July 26 2018, 10:12 AM
Do you know different ways to cook a potato?

how to cook a potato 3 ways

What is one side dish that is an easy go-to every night? Baked potatoes! What is so wonderful about them is that they can be made ready in a matter of minutes or hours depending on your planning (or lack of 🙂 ).

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There are three different ways you can cook a potato:

Note*: Every step requires you to prick the potato. This helps steam to escape while cooking. That way, you don’t end up with a potato bomb!


Today, you are on top of your game, and you know without a doubt that you want potatoes as part of your dinner tonight. So what do you do? You break out that crockpot and cook your potatoes while at work!

Prick the potato with a fork all over and rub with olive oil and a dash or two of salt and pepper. Wrap each potato in foil, and place at the bottom of the crockpot. Cook on low for 6 to 8 hours.


For this option, you find yourself in the kitchen staring into your pantry waiting for some side dish to pop out because you had your main dish planned out, but the side dishes, not so much. Fortunately, you have a bit of time on your hands and aren’t in too big of a hurry.

Preheat your oven to 425F. Prick the potato with a fork all over and rub with olive oil and a dash or two of salt and pepper. You can wrap your potatoes in foil and place them on a baking sheet or just place them directly onto the oven rack. Bake for 45 to 60 minutes or until the skin is crispy and there is no resistance when stuck with a fork.


So you are rushing around the house frantically trying to get the kids to stop playing and sit down and do their homework, and all of a sudden you remember “I’ve got to cook dinner!” You are ahead of the game because you have leftovers from yesterday’s lunch, and you are going to make turkey stuffing burgers—but, oops, you don’t have any sides, and the kids are screaming for food now all of a sudden! Fortunately, you have a stash of potatoes in the pantry, and this is what you do:

Prick the potato with a fork all over and rub with olive oil and a dash or two of salt and pepper. Place the potatoes (without foil!) in the microwave, and cook for 5 minutes on high power. Turn over, and cook for an additional 3 to 5 minutes. If the middle is still hard when it’s pricked with a fork, cook it longer in 1-minute intervals until the fork no longer meets resistance. Now you have an option for each type of day you are having!

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