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How to cook octopus takoyaki – an out-of-this-world dish !
July 01 2018, 10:30 AM
Japanese's types of cake always have a really delicous taste and healthy, obviously. Completely from nature, Japanese cakes will impress once you try them. Here is an example

Watching video: 



150g takayoki flour (wheat flour)

250g water

100g octopus

40g shrimp

an egg

40g onion

2 spoons of cheese

2 spoons of corn

cooking oil

mayonaise sauce, okonomiyaki sauce, katsoubushi, aonori flour

other favorite spices such as mushroom, etc,..

Fire cooking (Burning) for “Baby Octopus” in Takoyaki Japanese balls on black stove – Japanese food background or texture.

Now let’s get started !

Cleaning stages: you need to wash: shrimp, octopus and vegetables,..

Boil shrimp and octopus

Cut into pieces other spices : onion, cheese, mushroom,..

Prepare roasting machine

Step 1: Mix takayoki flour or wheat flour with water, toghether with cut spices. Put all of them into a bowl. And blend them roundly.

Step 2: Spread cooking oil roundly on roasting machine.

Step 3: Pour prepared mixture into the machine.

Step 4: Roast for about 3-4 minutes. Next, turn the cakes around, carefully in order not to break them.

Step 5: Ta da ! You’ve just finished your serve. Just add mayonaise or other sauces that you want. Finally, enjoy it with your family.

Pay attention, please !

If you dont have roasting machine, you can use you oven, but keep an eye on it !

Sauces can be bought in Japanese stores.

Ngoc Anh

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