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The most controversial ‘third person’ in Hollywood history: her whole life getting married 8 times, tearing two close friend’s families apart, but ends up with diseases and loneliness
January 17 2019, 3:52 PM
Not Angelina Jolie, but Elizabeth Taylor as the 'third person' has the most complex love of Hollywood.

Turning back to the previous history of the Hollywood entertainment capital, having a star that possesses affection is even more complicated, it is ‘the legendary purple eye’ Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor was born in London in 1932, carrying both British and American nationalities. Since childhood, she had been living in a rich family. Parents were the upper class, knew many artists and politicians.

At 11 years old, Elizabeth Taylor received her first role. Gradually, she became a teenage movie star in the 1940s, and her success continued to grow when she grew up. Not only did the studios get big sales, but Elizabeth Taylor was also recognized for her acting skills with two Oscars in the ‘Best Actress’ category.

Not only famous for acting, Elizabeth Taylor was also a beauty legend. She was considered a symbol of classic Hollywood. Elizabeth Taylor’s special beauty is her dark blue eyes, which sometimes showed purple thanks to makeup and light. Therefore, female star were often called ‘purple eye myths’.

Not only that, Taylor also had a special ‘defect’ gene, which helped her lashes to have 2 layers, making them more attractive.

She was praised for her dedication to HIV / AIDS prevention activities, by founding fundraising organizations, researching the disease.

For the media, Elizabeth Taylor’s charismatic work is her complicated private life, including eight marriages.

When she was 17, she was engaged to William Pawley, Jr. – the son of an American ambassador, but the engagement was canceled only after a short time. Howard Hughes, a movie magnate, offered to pay Taylor’s parents a six-figure sum to bring her to be his wife, but the female star refused.

Elizabeth Taylor’s first husband at the age of 17 was Conrad Hilton Jr. – uncle of Paris Hilton and son of the founder of Hilton hotel chain. Only 8 months after marriage, she divorced because Conrad was addicted to alcohol and domestic violence.

In 1952, Taylor got married with British actor Michael Wilding, 20 years older than her. They have 2 sons together. However, the marriage broke down in 1956, because when Taylor became more mature, she no longer felt attracted by the age gap between them. At the same time, Michael Wilding’s downhill career also made them distant.

At the age of 25, Taylor married his third husband, film producer Mike Todd. They have a daughter together, named Elizabeth like her mother. But a year after the wedding, Mike Todd died of a plane crash.

After Mike Todd’s death, his friend, singer Eddie Fisher, comforted Elizabeth Taylor’s pain of losing husband. Finally … Eddie became Taylor’s fourth husband in 1959.

She continued to meet her co-star Richard Burton and married the actor only … 9 days after divorcing Eddie.

Taylor and Burton became the most popular couple for American newspapers at that time, they were called ‘Liz and Dick’. The two stars are often stunned with their luxury lifestyle, traveling by private plane, wearing expensive jewelry, etc. Their marriage ended in 1974.

A year later, the couple reunited, married again in 1975 – or Taylor’s sixth marriage. But their marriage only lasted less than 1 year before it broke down.

In June 1976, Taylor divorced from Burton, but only in December of that year did she continue her seventh wedding with politician John Warner. When her new husband was elected to the Senate, Taylor felt that the life of the wife’s politician was … boring, making her seek alcohol and drugs. Finally, they broke up in 1981.

After the divorce, Taylor was engaged to lawyer Victor Luna and then businessman Dennis Stein, but the relationships didn’t have happy ending

Her seventh and last husband is a construction worker named Larry Fortensky. They married in 1991 in Neverland Ranch estate of Michael Jackson – Taylor’s friend. Many paparazzi even parachute to take pictures in this wedding. But Taylor’s marriage to Larry only lasted until 1996 when it broke down.

Not only is it shocking with 8 marriages, but Elizabeth Taylor’s life has become a hot topic of journalism because of two scandals tearing apart.

Before becoming Taylor’s fourth husband, Eddie Fisher married famous actress Debbie Reynolds. This scandal has caused a commotion, Elizabeth Taylor has been labeled ‘the destroyer of family happiness’ ever since.

Even more controversial, Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor were two close friends. During Taylor’s wedding with her previous husband (Mike Todd), the couple Debbie and Eddie also acted as the bridesmaid and best man. Two couples who had been close neighbors before … Taylor decided to ‘take’ her friend’s husband after her husband died.

At that time, Debbie was a star loved by the whole United States, so Eddie was quickly criticized by the public and his career plunged. Ironically, Elizabeth’s career was still brilliant.

Later when parting with Eddie, Taylor shocked people on sharing that, she married this 4th husband just to ease the pain when the third husband died.

Even while she was Eddie’s wife, Taylor continued to go about with another man, worth mentioning this was a married man – Richard Burton. This messy scandal has caused the Vatican to criticize Taylor and Burton’s morality heavily. A member of the US parliament also asked to ban Taylor from returning to the USA.

In 1964, Taylor was allowed to divorce Eddie – the husband she had ‘taken’ from close friend – to be able to come to Richard Burton – a married man. 9 days after the divorce, Taylor quickly married Burton. But this affair is not happy as mentioned above.

On March 23, 2011, Taylor died of illness after 6 weeks of hospitalization. Her funeral was held the next day discreetly. For the rest of her life, Taylor had spent eight marriages, but when she died, she had no partners with her except children.

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