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Controversial beauty of boy student who is awarded the prize “”the most handsome boy in Japan in 2019”
January 30 2019, 3:01 PM
Netizens have been endlessly argued about the guy who will become "representative" for beauty of all boy students in Japan.

Contest Mr Freshman in Japan (simply known as the most handsome boy) each time announces the final result, causing a “storm” on the social networks because netizens don’t satisfy with the beauty of the winners.

This year’s winner is  Xinyuan Taiyou, a third year high school student from Saitama, is also not highly appreciated in term of his beauty. The prize of most handsome boy in Japan seems too “heavy” to put on this little boy’s shoulders.

Mr Freshman 2019 (the most handsome boy student in Japan) is an annual contest organized by the prestigious fashion magazine Modelpress with a view to honoring the beauty of boy students throughout schools in Japan.

Before 2016, contestants or winners were handsome boys supported by netizens and they were later successful in their artistic path. However, since then, it seems that the contestants of next generations are quite less handsome, which become an aching issue for online community.

The winner of Mr Freshman will have chance to receive a lot of valuable gifts as well as work as a model for a famous magazine. However, the winner of this year’s contest is said by netizens not to be worth that prize.

Here are photos of some contestants of this year’s contest.

What about you? What do you think about the winners of this year’s contest?

Source: Sina

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