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Conjoined twins had to go through 12-hour surgery have lived healthily for 38 years: Magic is real 
January 22 2019, 1:45 PM
The conjoined twins not only lives healthily but also has a happy life after the important operation.

A brother from Taiwan’s first successful conjoined twin separation case got married yesterday at Beitou’s Ching Ching Farm with the Presidential Office’s secretary-general Yang Chin-tien representing President Ma Ying-jeou as the wedding witness.

The twin brother, Chang Chung-i, met his bride Chiang Wen-yen, an intensive care unit nurse, 11 years ago at a friend’s gathering.

Older brother Chang Chung-ren was the best man for the wedding and said that he is the happiest out of everyone to see his brother and Chiang get married. He also thanked everyone for their well wishes.

Chiang said when her mother had cancer five years ago, Chung-i visited her mother almost every day. His sincerity was well received, Chiang said.

Chung-i said he did not propose in any elaborate way, but that he and his wife felt that it was the right time to get married.

Selina Ren from the female pop band S.H.E attended the wedding as a member of the bride’s party. Ren met Chiang when she was treated for an extended period of time in the hospital for burns from an accidental explosion while shooting a film. Ren said Chiang was like an angel taking care of her during her roughest moments while in recovery.

Wow Prime’s board chairman Dai Sheng-yi also attended the wedding and said that he has known the twins for more than 10 years and that even though they grew up in an orphanage, the Chang brothers always have a positive attitude.

Dai added that he is privileged to take the place of the groom’s parents on his wedding day.

Pictures of the twins before and after their separation were shown at the wedding venue.

National Taiwan University’s former Vice Principal Chen Wei-chao said when he and his team of 10 surgeons operated to separate the twins in 1979, their only hope was that the twins would survive. Chen said that being able to see Chung-i get married was a joyous and emotional experience for him.


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