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Having compared with ‘dinosaur’ sister’, the girl loses weight spectacularly thanks to simple series of tips
September 13 2018, 2:14 PM
Ginny' story of weight loss is like the movie '200 pounds beauty' version of real life.

Addicted to junk food, Ginny has touched the 100kg mark and is often teased by friends as ‘dinosaur’ sister.’ After two years of hard work and perseverance, she has successfully reduced to 50kg.

After losing weight successfully, Ginny becomes popular with a slim body, a youthful, bright appearance. Her personal Instagram account has attracted over 100,000 followers. Here are some of the weight loss tips Ginny shared:

– Drink plenty of water every day

– Do not eat salty foods, especially if you are prone to edema in the lower part of the body

– Do not eat starch

– When you feel that you are eating too much, do excercises more

– Eat plenty of protein food and vegetable

– Exercise at least ten minutes a day

– Do not eat late

– Plan your diet and exercise on a weekly Sunday

Ginny always motivated herself to lose weight effectively by setting the ‘target’ reducing 5kg per month. According to her, exercising regularly is one of the keys to effective weight loss. In addition to losing weight, Ginny’s exercise habits also help improve health, boost the immune system. Ginny said, after successful weight loss, her health improved significantly.

After two years of hard work and persistent weight loss, Ginny has developed a healthy and scientific lifestyle. ‘Instead of eating donuts and drinking fruit juices, I would choose to step on the exercise machine,’ Ginny said.

If you were her, could you have the diet and do exercise as persevere as she did?

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