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The comparative photo series below will show you how the appearance of girl and boy change at ‘present tense’
December 07 2018, 3:51 PM
Default images of both genders such as girls with long hair or boys with short hair ... are no longer true in modern society.

In the past, girls always attached to the images of long hair, thick eyelashes, fair and slim limbs. In addition to that, boys are considered to be stronger sex with short hair, swarthy skin, and strong limbs.

However, in the present life, the standards considered as gender characteristics are no longer accurate.

Let’s take a look at the funny pictures below to see the difference.


Is it because the girls have to do more housework so their hands are bigger and darker than the boys’ ones?


“She looks so manly!”  “He’s so beautiful!”

Perhaps many people have to utter such exclamative sentences.

If you just look down from the neck, will you realize who the girl is?

“If I were her, I would take a leg wax right now!”

Is it possible that living in modern life makes people more liberal and less attention to appearance?

Designer: Minh Quan

Kim Ngan Do

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