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He collected numbers of plastic bottles to build houses, but when the work was completed, it was so impressive
October 12 2018, 3:57 PM
Just do small things, but it brings a huge effect.

Using of plastic products has been increasing in the our life. Therefore it has caused serious environmental pollution in the world today.

Until now, there are a lot of methods of plastic recycling, but most of them are cut or turned into some other items. In the US alone, 47 billion plastic bottles are disposed every year, and in the world the number of plastic bottles released each year is much larger. However, a type of construction that is being applied in Africa and Latin America has used these discarded plastic bottles to build homes for the homeless or the poor.

First of all, it is necessary to collect a large number of plastic bottles from everywhere and turn them into the main building material for the house.

It’s certain that the main materials are plastic bottles. In addition, the need for materials are such as cement and sand to complete the construction.

A home uses more than 8,000 plastic bottles and can withstand up to 30 tons when the roof is wet.

Using recycled materials to build homes not only contributes to environmental protection, makes the environment cleaner, but also addresses the problem of hard disintegration of the material. It also makes the house more solid and lasting.

Because the main material is used from recycled plastic bottles, so the cost is very low. It’s certain to solve the economic problems and save money.

The way is simple, just plastic bottles, dry sand, other materials such as cement and the help of the community is able to do the construction work.

Is it hard to imagine?

What makes people not believe is the man can use plastic bottles to build a house that is 20 times more solid than the normal home.

And the result is here. Do you think whether the house is unique and special? It saves money and protects the environment, it’s so great!

Watching video:

Source video: MorenaDIY Channel


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