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Coconut worm with Thai fish sauce
September 12 2018, 4:43 PM
Fatty coconut worms are the favorite dish of people in Yen Bai, a Vietnamese northern province. Contrary to its "horror appearance", you will feel soft, fat and so tasty enjoying this dish in Thai fish sauce. Would you like to try this special food?


– Coconut worm: 200g

– White wine: 100ml

– Sugar: 2 tbsp

– Fish sauce: 2 tbsp

– Tamarind sauce: 1 tbsp

– Lime leaf: 3g

– Fresh chili: 5g

– Lemongrass: 3g


– Step 1: Soak coconut worms in 100ml white wine for 2 minutes.

– Step 2: Dissolve 2 tablespoons sugar with 2 tablespoons fish sauce, 1 tablespoon tamarind sauce. Then, add lime leaf, chili and lemongrass into the bowl.

-Step 3: Put coconut worms into the mixture and enjoy!

Wacthing video:

Huyen Nguyen


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