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Close-up of testing skin whitening cream, the girl sheds skin making netizens feel creepy
December 07 2018, 3:38 PM
Despite the danger, the process of beautifying by shedding skin was still applied by the women in hopes of having a white skin.

The concept of beauty of the Asians often evaluates the beauty through the skin, most Asian countries consider white skin as the standard of beauty. Thanks to that standard, many kinds of whitening cream, whitening methods were born to serve the beauty needs of the sisters. Vietnam is no exception, even in recent years, a new whitening cream has been used in the spa and widely sold, it is the whitening cream by shedding skin.

This cream is advertised that after applying on the body, the user will be able to shed the outer skin and have a white skin. Close-up of testing skin whitening cream, it is true that the user can actually shed skin, making the viewer feel scared.

It is not difficult to find the recipe for making these creams, it is worth mentioning that the price of ingredients is extremely cheap, just $ 1.

Horror is so but there are many sisters who still “believe” and ask the price to buy. Although these creams have no apparent origin, no warranty, many women still use, despite the dangers to health, even the life.

Minh Chi


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