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A close-up: The homeless girl makes a miraculous transformation with make-up and brand-name clothes valued $75 thousand
August 07 2018, 10:35 AM
There aren't ugly women, there are only women who don't know how to become more beautiful.

Have you ever wondered what happens before you step on the Red Carpet? The video will be shown detailed processes. A girl will be joined and done make-up that a typical celebrity would undergo before a red carpet event. What organizers were hoping women should stop comparing themselves to the unrealistic celebrity photos out there. It’s not fair to try and look like a celebrity when they have these incredible resources to help them do so.

Let’s see how the girl transformed.

Before makeup.

Makeup Artist $5,000

Hair Extensions $2,500

Hair Stylist $3,000

Wardrobe Stylist $5,000

Clothing and Jewelry at least $60,000

After being done make-up and gotten brand-name clothes, the girl seems to change completely. She becomes more beautiful.

Watching video:


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