The clip of nurse using a towel to help a newborn baby have a good sleep attracted nearly 3 million views
August 07 2018, 11:36 AM
With a few simple steps, the towel has become a soft nest as the mother's arms for the newborn baby sleep.

With a newborn baby, giving him food and sleep is usually the primary concern of the mother. But recently, the clip of a nurse guiding how to use a towel to help newborn baby sleep can solve all mother's problems.

This method causes the mother to be excited and the clip was shared widely on the Internet.. After 2 days posting on Facebook, the clip attracted nearly 3 million views, 6,700 likes and over 81,800 shares .

Steps for making a "nest" for a newborn baby as the nurse guide are very simple that any mother can apply, including:

Step 1: Prepare a towel about 120cm long and 60cm wide. Then, wrap the towel to length (long towel makes the implementation easier).

Step 2: The baby should be wear comfortable clothes. Then, place the baby on his right side and wrap the towel from his toes on the baby's head. A head of towel placed below the neck and the other head placed under the baby's head.

Step 3: Mother claps baby's back to help baby sleep. The baby will slowly fall asleep, each sleep will last about 2 hours.

Depending on each baby, some will lie and sleep but some will not cooperate. Anyway, this is also a good way that mom should save to do for the baby.

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Xuan Trinh

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