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Cleverly designed, this elevator can actually protect your life when a fire happened
November 15 2018, 5:10 PM
This device is simply designed but extremely effective. You just need to stand up, move from the upper floors and get out of the building safely.

The “Nerigo Lift” from South-Korea, is the first elevator-type evacuation instrument operated with free of any power in the world that can help human to escape from the disaster like a fire easily. In case the fire happens, elevator begins its descent to the lower floor by the user’s weight as soon as a user rides on the platform. Moreover, it will go back to its original position, the upper level, automatically when the user steps down from it.

So everybody including kids can use it quickly and safely and also a handicapped, and an elderly can do this manoeuvre by themselves. The high evacuation efficiency takes effect more to use in the high-rise buildings, and therefore people can install and use “Nerigo Lift” in all kinds of structures. The emergency evacuation lift also provides a direct, through-floor escape route when a catastrophe in a high rise building takes place. The elevator – relying solely on physics – can be used in times of power outage. It provides an escape for inhabitants of the building steadily and competently, servicing one adult with one child at a time.

“Nerigo Lift”’s emergency evacuation is a vital but straightforward invention that can save innumerable lives. Thus, it comes as no surprise that this video will go viral online. People are firmly backing the invention because of its incredible potential to save lives.

Watch video: 

Video source: Genius Club

Video source: Genius Club

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