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After cleaning the house, woman has her 8 fingers turned into black with abnormal symptoms that everyone must be alert
December 14 2018, 10:52 AM
A small wound is also serious enough to bring about unpredictable consequences.

Recently, Mrs. Zhang, 53, from Hubei Province, suffered a small wound on a finger of her hand while doing housework. Since the wound was not large, she did not go to the doctors. She just thought it would recover by itself as normal. Two days later, bruise began to appear around the wound and then turned into  black except the thumb of the left hand and the little finger of the right hand.

After having medical checkup, Mrs. Zhang was diagnosed with Gangrene in her  8 fingers. In fact, there was a change in skin to color black. Moreover, her skin was extremely dry. She said that at that time the wound was quite small so she wasn’t worried. However, 2 days later, it became itchy, painful and gradually numb.

Often, people think that necrosis happens when there is a very serious wound that cause infection. But Gangrene(dry necrosis? is different from other types of necrosis. Therefore, patients are often unaware of this to prevent.


After having treatment in hospital, Zhang’s symptoms have relieved dramatically. However, this is still a warning lesson for everyone. Doctors say that if you have similar symptoms to Mrs Zhang, please go to the hospital a as soon as possible to avoid the consequences later.

Vu Tam

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