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He cleaned and then plugged 30 sticks into the chicken, the smart way makes everyone want to try
December 30 2018, 9:27 AM
The processing of making the dish is so unique, but it brings an unbelievable result.

Chicken is a popular dish in many places, people often make chicken into different dishes such as boiled chicken, fried chicken, chicken or fried crispy chicken. The way of processing chicken with sticks has been never heard.

The man prepares 3 cleaned chickens and then uses a lot of sticks to plug the chicken. The chicken looks like a hedgehog.

This will help the chicken to ripen and taste better because the holes help the powder and spices absorb into the chicken. Next, prepare a mixture of wheat flour mixed with water and seasoning and soak the chicken in about 20 minutes.

Then use a large bowl, crash about 20 eggs into the pan and add a little spice.

Pick up the chicken and remove the entire sticks. You put chicken in the bowl of eggs, then sprinkle fried flour over chicken.

Fry in hot oil pan, until crispy bite is okay. This way will help you have a delicious chicken.

However, the disadvantage of this method is that the chicken is too large compared to the size of most pans in conventional kitchens. So you can also chop chicken pieces and follow the same steps. When making other dishes you can also use the same way so that the meat will be more delicious.

After frying, sprinkle on the chicken a little bit of sesame will eat more fragrant.


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