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The citizens were puzzled by the men dangling in the high-building, when pulling down, everyone scared
November 20 2018, 9:27 AM
A corpse was found outside a building which makes people scared.

The incident was noticed by the people in Pattaya on the morning of November 14, 2018. A corpse was found outside a tall building, with blood from the victim’s body flowing down the wall. A long bloodline makes people around the dazzle. The road and people who live near the apartment building when looking up to see things are haunted by bloodstains.

The man was hung outside of a  building

This image attracts the attention of many people in the city

Shortly after the discovery, people called the police to report the incident. The police were quickly on the scene to check. The man’s body was brought down in calf blood, the neck.

The police were quickly available to handle the case

The strap on the neck

Some items were found on the top of the building where the incident occurred

However, the police have not concluded that this person hanged himself or killed by the bad guys and faked sence. The Norwegian man is being sent to forensic medicine to investigate further the cause of this disturbing death.



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