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Chubby son becomes a “skeleton” with his right eye emerging after 1 night; if his parents had known this soon, they could save him
February 11 2019, 9:38 AM
A 10-year-old boy who was healthy and chubby became increasingly thinner and weaker, making everyone burst out into tears when seeing him.

Aree, 9-year-old boy in Malaysia, was a happy and healthy child in the past. Even, the boy partly has development earlier than his friends of the same age when he was tall and chubby. However, only a short time later, the boy had to fight to seize the life every day because of a serious disease.


Aree’s parents said their family’s life seemed to be completely changed after just one night. 2 years ago, the boy started complaining to his parents about his headache, bad eyesight and fever. After that terrible fever, the boy’s health became worse.

The boy had the loss of  eyesight in the left eye  and his hearing was seriously affected. The doctor said there was a tumor in the left artery after the boy had a high fever. The tumor made his face be deformed and his left eye be protruded. He completely lost his eyesight.

Having to lie still in bed for his unhealthy body, Aree sadly shared that he wanted to go to school and meet friends. He also dreamed of becoming a football player but his current health condition did not allow him to make this dream come true.

Aree was no longer a plump, energetic child. Instead, the boy’s body became as increasingly thin as a skeleton. Looking Aree on the bed trying to keep his breath, everyone burst out into tears.

The story of this 10-year-old boy has received great attention from the online community. Many philanthropists has been trying to call for support in the cost of treatment and help the difficult circumstances of the family.

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