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The choir defeated 18 countries raise their voice, the boy suddenly stood up, when knowing the reason, everyone touched
January 07 2019, 8:18 AM
On a beautiful day, you suddenly hear your national anthem in a strange country, what will your reaction be?

“Hopeful Chorus” is a choir consisting of Paiwan children from Pingtung, Taiwan. Last year, they went to Florence to attend the Da Vinci Music Festival.

This choir has defeated 18 countries to win 5 awards. The power you get is really amazing! At the opening performance, the choir performed a song with Paiwan’s ancient melody with the national anthem performing the melodious and gentle atmosphere.

When the melody of the song just changed, a man in a purple shirt suddenly stood up.

His actions had inadvertently blocked the view of the camera that was performing the recording task at the back. The recorder shared: “A person who suddenly stood in front of the stage blocked the vision of the lens. When I invited him to sit down, he discovered that he was a local Paiwan tourist guide who had come to Italy for more than 10 years. ” He suddenly stood up because he heard the national anthem of his people.

In the past few days, he often said that he apologized for the way he didn’t react well in Italy.

But when the song rang, he could not help but stand up because it was the call of the homeland. It evokes thoughts buried in his heart for many years. The reason behind this action is because of the nostalgia of homesickness that makes people extremely moved.

Netizens couldn’t help but feel after reading his words.

They said: “The moment when standing up, it was touching! Exile, homeland love. ”“ A respectful attitude towards the national anthem will naturally stand up and listen! Especially those who are exile feel even more deeply! ”

In fact, every one of us from any land will naturally have the love of the countryside deeply directed to that place.

At one point, we will feel that the national identity hidden in our hearts always accompanies us to the new land.

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