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Chinese people have a tradition of making candies very strange but now can’t find out anymore
August 07 2018, 5:15 PM
Sugar candy is a long time traditional folk but now has disappeared in China.

Discover the traditional culture of the countries, you will discover sometimes dishes not only to enjoy but also an art. For example, Amezaiku, Japanese lollipops are made with skillful techniques. And come to China, you will also enjoy a culture of making candy that has long tradition very interesting named blow sugar candy.

Blow sugar candy is a traditional Chinese flavor derived from centuries ago, rooted in folk. The candy is made from a kind of hot sugar and has smooth, sticky texture. The special feature here is that the dishes are not processed in sculpture way as in Japan, where the workers must … blow to shape them.

The texture of the sugar doughs is due to the fact that they are kneaded them very well in many times. Then, they will pulls a thread to make a “straw” and blows the air inside. Strangely, just a moment later, the sugar dough enlarge like a ball. To create the shape, the artisan will shape it and blow. So that the request of candy-shaped will be completed.

Once they have reached the right size, they will use a sugar-coated stick to pop in the candy and cut off the excess sugar thread. The finished work will look like a balloon but sweet and pretty. The good thing here is the clever of artisans, how to adjust the gas as well as shaping the shape so beautiful. Buyers can request any style to the craftsman, but usually is the animals, candy… shape.

Blow sugar candy was the fun of the children in China long long time ago. Where have a stall of candy blow, the children will gathering and watching the clever hand making the dragon, the horse, the rabbit or flowers… And gradually they became the an traditional art.

But now, this culture seems is fading and very hard to find in China, but it is part of childhood’s memory of people here.

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