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Chinese man drives netizens crazy for throwing pets from the 21st floor
September 14 2018, 1:43 PM
Just because he did not want his pregnant wife to raise pets, a man from Chongqing City ruthlessly threw both his family’s poor pets from the 21st floor’s window to the ground, leading to their death.

This brutal pet murder has shocked the Chinese online community since the footage recorded the dead animals’ corpses on the pavement of the building.

After an argument with his wife, he was angry at his wife so he threw the two animals out of the window despite living on the 21st floor

People living in the same area say they were really shocked when the incident happened around 5am on Thursday. At that moment, they suddenly heard a loud crash and saw the animals on the sidewalk.

Some neighbors recognized the two, as their dogs often played with Jack the dog. They called the pet owner, but he said he did not want to do anything with the dogs and cats, no matter how much they liked it. Many adults and children cried as they witnessed the tragic deaths of the two animals, so they took and buried them carefully.

Animal lovers in the area brought the dog and cat to final resting place.

After the information about the men’s mistreatment of the pets spread across the social media, on Weibo, the hashtag: “#Man throwing dogs and cats from the 21st floor” has attracted more than 3 million views.

Chinese netizens are extremely furious because the country does not have laws to prevent animal abuse.

The dog, Jack, was very much loved by neighbors.

“I can not understand what these people thought,” one commentator said. “Now they threw a dog, so what will they throw next?”

“If you do not want your pets anymore, you can give them to others, instead of ruthlessly throwing them to death. Not only that, if someone accidentally walks past them, they can also get seriously hit. ”

Another writes, “If someone mistreated an animal, it was a sign that they had mental problems,” and many others were worried about the child whose wife of the animals’ killer would give birth to “He certainly does not fit to be a father.”

Nguyen Mai Huong

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