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China: A 76-year-old man strangles a bus driver for not being get off the bus
November 07 2018, 1:52 PM
A 76-year-old man, after an argument with a bus driver, strangled him and was taken to a police station.

Recently a rare incident was recorded by the security camera on the bus and posted on the social network. Immediately, the clip received a huge share from the online community.

Incident occurred on 4/11, video shows a driver is sitting in the driver’s seat, next to an old man is standing. The two of them seemed to be arguing about something, the driver holding the phone, but he pointed at the man and pushed.

He suddenly appeared next to the driver. Picture from clip.

The driver also has some resistance. The climax of the incident is that he put a hand to strangle the driver and push him, but this action only takes a few seconds. The police then appeared and arrested the old man to the police station..

Suddenly reached out to grab the bus driver’s neck. Picture from clip.

According to Pearvideo, the incident occurred on a bus in Guangdong province. The driver told the police that the old man asked to drop down when the car had not reached the stop and he was refused. The incident was not serious because the bus stopped and the bus driver did not have any serious injuries.

Earlier, in October, a riot between a driver and a passenger make the bus crashed into the Yangtze River, killing 13 people and two people are missing.

The scuffle between passenger and bus driver is considered very serious when the vehicle is running on the road.

Watch video:

Source video: Pear video

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