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The child’s head was stuck in the escalator, his mother camly took photos with different corners and then screamed “Help my child, please!”
August 07 2018, 10:56 AM
Just because of mother's habit, the child nearly lost life.

Recently, a young mother was busy with using mobile phone at a shopping mall in China, which lead to nearly lost her child’s life. The problem often happens in shopping malls, only because of the bad habits of parents.

The video was shown the scene: the mother ws carrying her child without any concentration. Moreover, she also lacked of observation when she was in escalator. Therefore, she dropped her baby to the ground and trapped in the escalator. The scene was so terrible when the baby was stuck in the escalator and could not be rescued. The mother only knew how to hug her baby and cry.


Due to the mother’s carelessness, the accident occured. The video also gives a warning for parents as well as adults who should pay more attention to children when they’re in or near the escalator to keep their safe.

Watching video:


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