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When children learn to love, the happenings are more exciting than the action movie that made many people laugh out loud
October 02 2018, 9:55 AM
It turned out that the love under the children's eyes was exciting and dramatic like this.

The story of love was made up of the most innocent actors and directors. Still, it is full of attractive and dramatic details about two guys struggling for a girl.

We did not know who was the scriptwriter and who was the director of this short film but they were very deep. With just over a minute of this film, the script-writer brought a lot of events and dramatic circumstances into the script. And the director selected a number of talented actors so that they could accomplish their roles and convey the content of the love story through their roles.

The main content of the movie was a rascal with two juniors went to rob the girlfriend blatantly when she was being proposed by another boy. Then, the appearance of this rascal made the girl change her mind abandoning the proposal and following the rascal. Seeing the girlfriend who accepted the proposal but followed the other man immediately, the boy felt angry and shameful. Finally, the two boys used the manliest method to decide.

A girl was being proposed by a boy

A rascal with two juniors went to rob the girlfriend blatantly making the girl abandon the proposal and follow the rascal

Finally, the two boys used the manliest method to decide

After defeating the two juniors of the enemy, the two main characters confronted each other. The fierce boy used his sharp weapon to attack, causing the boy rejected the proposal to be wounded. Shortly thereafter, another boy appeared to counter-attack and save the wounded boy.

All events were dramatic like in the movie made viewers laugh out loud.

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