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This children game may look harmless, yet it has hidden risks that can fracture your kids’ bones
August 07 2018, 2:04 PM
Children slide is a very popular games, yet no one can perfectly avoid what it can cause to our kids.

Heading to the playground to bond with their children is a common thing done by parents.

While playing there, going down the slide with their kid seated on their lap is easily one of their favorite things to do. Though the intention may be pure with this activity, we still cannot avoid some of the dangers that it can bring.

In a recent post that went viral, concerned mother Kayla Campbell shared her scary experience in the playground via Facebook.

This can be just a normal game if the baby’s leg didn’t get stuck in the slide

Even though her dad’s reaction was really fast, the accident broke her leg.

Her leg was fractured

Slide games is fun, yet we should be careful playing with kids.

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