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When her child was in the last breath, she was surfing smartphone and after that there was a reprented funeral
January 29 2019, 10:06 AM
A new study shows that mobile phones are gradually taking up parents' time for their children, seriously affecting the relationship between parents and children.

Electronic devices were created to serve the needs of people, to help people be more convenient and comfortable in both work and life. But it seems that that usefulness is gradually becoming a concern, a barrier between children and parents. If before, many people were worried about children playing the phone, this situation is becoming more worrying for parents. Many parents are so addicted to their phones that they abandon their children, even because of this disastrous habit of “killing” their children.

Don’t let your phone “kill” your child

Story 1: A 1-year-old daughter is heartily drowned in her 1-year-old birthday

In July 2018, a mother in Fuzhou took her daughter, Xiao, to the pool during her daughter’s first birthday. That day, the pool staff was busy so ask the parents to look after them. Not long after, little Xiao was upside down, flipped off his life jacket and sank into the water. While the girl was awkwardly waving in the water, the mother sat with her back to the pool so she didn’t know anything. The reason was that she was busy texting on the phone so she ignored everything around her, including girls. It is worth mentioning that a boy swam with his daughter found that Xiao was sunk so she tried to swim in to call for help from Xiao’s mother twice but it was because she was so attentive that she ignored it.

About 90 seconds later, when the mother discovered, hurriedly pulled her up. Later, Xiao was transferred to the emergency hospital. After 20 minutes, the baby’s heart beat again but could not breathe. The doctor said that he was brain dead and needed to use a breathing machine to maintain life.

Story 2: A child fell down the ladder and died

April 8, 2016, a tragic incident happened in a trade center in Malaysia. The clip in the center captures the image of a woman who is intently playing the phone on the escalator, next to her are two girls. However, 1 out of 2 babies was brought downstairs by the elevator and died.

Story 3: 3-year-old girl falls down

A similar case occurred in August 2017, Hengdian Town, Dongguan City, Zhejiang Province, China. The father because he was busy with the phone made the girl fall from the 3rd floor to danger to her life

It’s time for parents to put down their phones and play with them more

Source: Oxii

Hai Linh

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