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Cheeky toddler repeatedly pulls woman’s off-shoulder top up
October 10 2018, 2:47 PM
Netizens can't bear laughing at cheeky toddler when he keeps pulling woman's off-shoulder top up.

A funny video of a two-year-old boy pulling a woman’s off-shoulder top up repeatedly.

The footage, shot on October 20 in Yiyang City in southern China’s Hunan Province , shows the boy pulling a woman’s off-shoulder top above her shoulder every time she hitches it down to where it should be.

After being posted on the social networks, the video footage has been widely shared for the toddler’s action which is supposed to be quite “polite”. Moreover, a lot of netizens said that the boy was so adorable. One left comment on the post: “Funny, you are so cute, babe. The boy of year is here.”

Watch video:

Video source: Newsflare

Video source: Newsflare

Vu Tam


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