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Cheeky monkey sneaks up and snatches snake right out of charmer’s hand
November 04 2018, 8:17 AM
This is the surprising moment a monkey sneaks down from a building and snatches a venomous snake from the hand of a snake charmer.

CCTV cameras captured the stealthy primate make his move in Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh, India.

The snake charmer can be seen taking out the reptile from his box to start a show for the public in front of the Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan.

The monkey sneaks up from behind and snatches the reptile from the snake charmer’s hands

Before he can begin a monkey suddenly run towards him from behind and snatches away the snake from his hand before climbing back up the terrace of a building.

The snake charmer throws up his arms in surprise but quickly recovers and tries to follow the primate.

The man struggles to climb up the side of the building in pursuit of the monkey but is determined to try and get his snake back.

As he scales the wall and makes his way across a stall’s green awning the man slips – and the monkey is still nowhere to be seen.

A man Dinesh saw the incident and said: ‘The snake charmer had just taken out the snake from inside the basket when the monkey approached him from behind and snatched away the snake.’

Another man who was there said: ‘We don’t know what the monkey will do with the snake. It may drop the snake on somebody or may harm itself as I believe it was a venomous snake.’

The surprised snake charmer stops his show and looks around for the monkey who has quickly disappeared while other men also pause to see what is happening

Determined not to lose his snake, the charmer climbs up the building looking for the monkey

The breed of the snake is not know, but it is believed to be venomous.

Monkey menace in India is quite common and frequent in the religious town of Uttar Pradesh where the apes are famous for snatching away food and other items from the hands of the tourists.

The government has left the monkey menace unchecked as the monkeys are believed to be as a form of Monkey god Hanuman.

Recently the state’s Chief Minister said that the monkey is recited Hanuman Chalisa (Poetry form of God’s prayer) regularly in order to calm them down from carrying out mischiefs.

Last year a monk fell from a terrace and died after a few monkeys attacked him in Vrindavan.

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Source video: Newsflare

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