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Change the name “Feedy Healthy Tips” to ” Feedy Healthy”
January 04 2019, 3:03 PM
To make fanpage easy to remember and reach many people, we changed the name "Feedy Healthy Tips" to "Feedy Healthy".

Feedy Healthy” was established in 2018 with the initial name of “Feedy Healthy Tips“, then to easy to remember, fanpage was changed to “Feedy Healthy“. For the purpose of providing comprehensive health knowledge, “Feedy Healthy” always upholds the accuracy, scientific information for fans and readers. Moreover, Feedy also offers delicious recipes, beauty tips or viral videos. We hope that all “Feedy Healthy“‘s content can give people  relaxing moment, useful knowledge and trust.

 We need more and more your support

The admin team put on their shoulders the responsibility to bring good  physical health as well as mental one. Therefore, all information on fanpage is carefully checked and selected. Special thanks to all of you who has accompanied “Feedy Healthy“.

In the near future, we hope to receive more support from all of you in order to increase the amount of followings up to more than 1.000.000 as soon as possible. Once again, we would like to thank the enthusiastic support from fans from all over the world.

What are you waiting for, quickly access the link: https://www.facebook.com/FeedyHealthy8 to update your daily health information.



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