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Cervical cancer removed, woman is pregnant in unexpected way
September 17 2018, 10:09 AM
For women, baby is the most important thing when they get married.

Sarah Dean has been diagnosed with cervical cancer and had to be removed it at the age of 25, which meant she couldn’t be a mother in the future. However, doctors made a bold decision when they stitched together what remained of her cervix with the hope of bringing the young girl a chance to be a mother.  Sarah also hoped that this would make a miracle: “If I am pregnant, I hope that the stitch of the cervix will hold the baby inside my womb until it is time to deliver.”

But there was another difficulty arose when the stitches almost covered the cervix so it’s  impossible to put the embryo inside, despite the artificial insemination outside was successful. “Finally after many challenges we found a small hole on the right side of the cervix that was left. We put ut the embryo into the uterus through that hole.” the doctor said.



After the transplant, Sarah was pregnant and gave birth to a healthy body. The 32-year-old mother shared in her happiness: “the talents of doctors brought my son to this world.

Without their bold action, my family has not been as happy as now.” Fortunately, talented doctors made a miracle for 25-year-old woman. Let’s cheer her up and wish her happiness with her small family forever!

It can be seen from the story of Sahra that we shouldn’t be disappointed when we have any difficulties in the life. This is mainly because everything can be solved but you mustn’t give up. Be optimistic whatever happens!

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